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Full Stack Con 2017 in London

By AmieDD
July 19, 2017
Category: amiedd

I'm back home in Texas(the land of yummy tacos and Tex-Mex), I somehow escaped the trip there and back without any jetlag! I had a amazing time in London at #FullStackCon I met some amazing people and LEGO fanatics. We are a generation defined by our hobbies and I hope my keynote talk inspired some new makers. 

Makers are the original inventors, creators and thinkers of technology that exist today and are creating an impact for the future. Thank you to everyone at Skills Matter that made sure all the speakers had everything we needed, everyone of you was helpful and  had a smile. I'm already excited for next year.

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Hello My Name is 3D Printed Name Tag

By AmieDD
July 18, 2017
Category: 3D Printing
My 3D Printed Name tag is on MyMiniFactory for ya'll to download and 3D Print!

Tags: princess bride myminifactory amiedd 3d printing hello my name is inigo montoya

FullStackCon Wearable Twitter Badges

By AmieDD
July 17, 2017
Category: programming

My Code is up on Github for the wearable Twitter Badges and the STL files are on Thingiverse to download and print! Question? Let me know!

Github Twitter Display Code

Thingiverse 3D Print STL Files
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//Code some stuff and be comfy

By AmieDD
July 07, 2017
Category: 3D Printing

New 3D Printing shirt is up in the Shop! Amie DD Shop

3D Print Shirt in Multiple Languages. 

  • English 
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Klingon
3D Printing is worldwide and each language on this shirt represents a friends or family member that speaks that language, or have influenced my life. I love meeting passionate people around the world interested in 3D Printing, it's like we speak the same language.

Free Shipping to the US and Canada

Discount Code for 15% Off OrganizedChaos 

Tags: Shirts 3D Printing Shirts amiedd tech swag the language of 3D Pringing

Making a Sword Scabbard from Cereal Boxes

By AmieDD
June 28, 2017
Category: cosplay

Great things don't always have to cost a lot of money! The best cosplay and maker gateway drug: Cardboard! I made my Ciri (The Witcher 3) sword scabbard from cereal box cardboard. I wrapped the cereal box with foam and used some scrap black Worbla for the top detail pieces! 

Worbla is a non-toxic thermoplastic plastic that you can heat up and shape, when it cools it's hard and sturdy.

If anyone is interest I could do a more detailed tutorial instruction guide!

Tags: amiedd ciri the witcher 3 cardboard scabbard sword cosplay worbla fan expo Dallas Dallas Comic Con witcher cosplay

I'm headed to FullStackCon in London July 12-14

By AmieDD
June 16, 2017
Category: amiedd

In a few weeks I’ll board my 9 hour flight to London for Skills Matter’s FullStackCon for 3 days of JavaScript, Node and the Internet of Things with some amazing developers, I’m excited to check out Skills Matter’s CodeNode community venue in London’s Tech City where I’ll be giving a keynote talk on IoT and the Maker Revolution. We are a generation defined by our hobbies. IoT is changing how makers are innovating and creating applications. I’m will be sharing my thoughts on how makers, cosplay, LEGO, 3D printing, and video games can make you a better programmer, debug more efficiently and introduced you to new technologies. Makers are the original inventors, creators and thinkers of technology that exist today and are creating an impact for the future of IoT. The maker community is a lot like the developer community and I’ve found that a lot of makers and Engineers professionals overlap. They are both full of passionate people that love creating and improving. 

The best thing about being part of the FullStack community is the community! Surrounded by passionate people that want to teach, and collaborate through shared learning. At FullStackCon, I most look forward to learning how other developers are solving application issues with IoT. I can’t wait to geek out with everyone at the conference about problem solving, programming and technology. I’m looking forward to the talk by Nick Hehr about latency with devices using our own routers. This is something that my company struggles with at demos and exhibitor shows when internet connection is needed, there are issues with channel frequency and the number of devices in a connected area. 

My keynote talk is for the passion people that find ways to improve everything, the problem solvers, everyone that ever said “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”, but they learned, asked questions and figured out how to do it, and improve it! Embracing failure as a way of learning and improving, and aren’t afraid to be a beginner. I think the most exciting development of the FullStack community over the next year is the range of conferences, speakers and workshops. There are speakers and workshop for UX, games, hardware, data sciences, IoT, machine learning and more. If you’re at FullStackCon come attend my keynote talk “Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution“. I’ll also be teaching a hands on IoT workshop. The program schedule is on Skills Matter. If you see me please say hi and tell me what you’re working on! See everyone soon! 

Tags: #fullstackcon skills matter code node london lego amiedd iot onion omega wearable tech

3D Print your own belt pieces on MyMiniFactory

By AmieDD
June 16, 2017
Category: 3D Printing
I shared my files on My Mini Factory for anyone that would like to download them and 3DPrint them!

Tags: myminifactory #amiedd 3d Printing alchemist 3D Printed jewelry

Upgrades in progress! I got a RFID/NFC bio transponder implant!

By AmieDD
June 14, 2017
Category: tech

Dangerous Things! I did it! I got a RFID/NFC bio transponder implant! I love technology and body modification and have been obsessed this technology and watched it progress over the last few years. No it's not GPS, similar to the chip that your pets get, you can't track your pet if they get lost. Passive RFID systems are short range, magnetically coupled devices where a reader and tag use induction coils to exchange both power and data. 

 xNT can be read and written to by many types of ISO14443A based RFID systems, and all NFC compliant reader/writer devices including USB devices and all NFC capable mobile phones.  The tag can store 888 bytes of data, and has a 7 byte unique identifier.

 And yes I'll already been called Satan, and asked if I've made a deal with Crowley. It's technology not witchcraft.

I had this done by a professional. If you want to read more about the xNT NFC/RFID implant I have you check out Dangerous Things

Questions? Ask me on Twitter

Tags: amiedd biohack rfid implant xNT dangerous things

The Alchemist

By AmieDD
June 10, 2017
Category: cosplay

Let's consult the runes! The Alchemist cosplay for fantasy weekend at Scarborough Renaiisance Festival

"Throw them again this time throw them high!" 

I was influenced by the scene in Stardust where the soothsayer is reading the rune stones and they are thrown in the air and the scene transitions to Lamia catching her runes. 

I learned how to use the Thunder laser cutter to design and cut the leather for the belt and headband and 3DPrinted the pieces for the belt.

Photographer: Cosplay with Me Studios Photography
Tags: amiedd 3D Printing cosplay alchemist laser runes stardust cosplay with me Scarborough Renaissance Festival

I'll be in London in July speaking at #FullStackCon

By AmieDD
June 08, 2017
Category: programming

Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution I'm excited to be in London July 12-14 to be speaking about IoT and teaching a hands on workshop. 

"We are a generation defined by our hobbies. IoT is changing how makers are innovating and creating applications. Learn how makers, cosplay, LEGO, 3D printing, and video games can make you a better programmer, debug more efficiently and introduced you to new technologies. Embracing failure as a way of learning and improving. Makers are the original inventors, creators and thinkers of technology that exist today and are creating an impact for the future of IoT."

Tags: #fullstackcon Skills Matter amiedd London Dev talk IoT developers code node

Hammer Time

By AmieDD
June 06, 2017
Category: makerspace

I won't be quitting my day job to become a Blacksmith! I learned how to use the forge at Dallas Makerspace. It took me 3 hours to create 2 points and shape the iron into a "S" hook. 

Once you take the metal out of the forge you only have a few good swings with your hammer before it cools down and you have to put it back into the forge. Our friendly safety instructor at Makerspace noticed that it was taking me longer to get my points hammered out on my iron.  He handed me a lighter hammer, which instantly made the control on my swing much easier to control! (I asked for Mjolnir but was told the hammer was on a Secret Invasion).  Since you're have to hold the metal with tongs(it's around 1400 Celsius when you take it out of the forge) in one hand and the hammer in the other, your arms get exhausted.

Working with the forge and hammering metal all day was one of the most psychically exhausting things I've ever done, and my arms were sore for 2 days.

Now I have a awesome S hook that I mainly use to hangs my bras on at the house haha! Next step: make Geralt of Rivia's witcher sword

Tags: amiedd dallas makerspace forge blacksmith metal work make

3D Printed Beer filament

By AmieDD
June 06, 2017
Category: 3D Printing

If you own a 3D Printer and don't subscribe you Maker Box every month you're missing out! Every month you get a few different filaments to try out. One of the interesting one in one of the box was a 3D print filament made from BEER! It's called Buzzed , "3D print with beer filament! Buzzed is a beer-based 3D printing filament made using waste by products from the beer making process. Buzzed uses those beer leftovers to create a special 3D printing material. The filament produces products with a rich golden color and a noticeable natural grain." 

If you want try out a box of the exotic filaments, you can get 15% off using AMIEDD

Tags: makerbox amiedd 3D Print Beer filament

LEGO Queen Armor for Dragon Con 2017

By AmieDD
June 05, 2017
Category: lego
I'm working on making a dress and armor pieces from LEGO, Brixo IoT conductive bricks and Mindstorms robotics to control some of the movements. So far I'm at 1,821 bricks! When I work on a cosplay I try to implemented new technologies with something I love and push myself to learn new skills! I'll be wearing this at Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta. #AFOL (Adult fans of LEGO)
Tags: dragon con amiedd brixo iot robotics cosplay mindstorms lego afol

Clearly I was the Coolest Kid in School

By AmieDD
June 04, 2017
Category: lego

I still love playing with LEGO, I'm so excited to be working on a LEGO Queen Armor Dress for Dragon Con 2017 

Tags: amiedd lego afol lego life master builder dragon con

My Friday Night

By AmieDD
June 03, 2017
Category: amiedd

Therapeutic labeling of components, switches, boards and LEDs. The red dots indicate I'm out of that part of component and the yellow dots for pieces I'm running low on. When I was working on a prototype one time I looked at the drawers and didn't order a part I thought I had. On the day of putting together my prototype I opened the drawer to find it was empty and I was out of that part. And that's the history of the yellow and red dot labels!

The Akro-Mils 64 drawers is the one I use most often, they're great for LEGO pieces too!

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A Wizarding Pub & Tech Lab!

By AmieDD
June 02, 2017
Category: tech
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it! Believe Muggles! I would love to go to a Wizard Hackathon. When I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I was mesmerized with the technical aspect of the interactive wand. I watched a few people waving their wands in Diagon Alley to make a umbrella to pour rain. I didn't think the wands were RFID technology, it seemed like IR transmitter at the tip of the wand. If The Cauldron Wizard Pub and Tech Lab Kickstarter is successful, you can except to see me at there in 2018 with wand and new spells in hand!
Tags: amiedd wizard wands tech cauldron wizard pub wizard tech lab wizard hackathon london

Finally signed up for Vimeo

By AmieDD
June 01, 2017
Category: amiedd

Cosplay Mannequin Challenge at National Videogame Museum from Amie DD on Vimeo.

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Achievement Unlocked: Cosplay Mannequin Challenge at the National Videogame Museum

By AmieDD
May 30, 2017
Category: cosplay

Tags: amiedd national videogame museum cosplay mannequin challenge video game cosplay

Zelda Princess Hilda LED Staff powered by Arduino

By AmieDD
May 29, 2017
Category: cosplay
Tags: amiedd arduino adafruit neopixels hardware princess hilda zelda cosplay gemma

Interview with

By AmieDD
May 28, 2017
Category: 3D Printing Interview with AmieDD
Tags: amiedd 3D Printing Women in STEM

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Women in Tech, 3D Printing the World,
#amiedd Lady Developer Ramblings of a Unicorn #amiedd You're never weird on the internet, right? #amiedd Lets be internet friends
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